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... party.../. party.../. keith daniels,... live... in... northeast baltimore...'/ where... she... was caught... in... the,.... crossfire.. / keith. ///////////////////////keith//// //////////////// jeff..... we're live on tte alameda at richnor avenue..... that shooting happened behind 22-year-oll lorelle amos..... she graduated in 2008 and tonight...we're told - her classmates have organized mother..... poliie say amos was shht phile she was standing in the that night...... it rty happened at about 2 o'cllck early sunday mooning. investigators on't believe she wassthe target. in fact, faaily members say she someone else. they say two groups of men in cars had just passed.. they jumped out of the vehicles down the block.. then someone opened amos n the chest.. killing her. /////////////////////sst//////// //// (ms. murray) "and then she has a 1-year-old baby.. whoos not he's not goiig to have his. but, we aal will be there for him." the family says amms was a looal bank teller..... with recent plans for an upcoming police say
newsroom.. keith daniels, fox 44 news aa 5-30. going toothe raven'ssgame tomorroo... might end up saving your life.... free melanomm screeniig stadiumm it's part of an anti cancer rusade that tte raven's are arricipating in. the effort was prompted by people like lisa stinchcomb, who lost hee hussand, wayne, to ancer in 2010. ((isaaclooe)-pause- iis horrible.. horrible disease anddto see a strong man &pnew llws for maryland mo-ped riders begin monday. &pponday. mo-ped riders will now be required to wear helmets and eye prooection, or face a fine up to 500 dollars. mo-peds and mmtor scooters have to be tttled and insuued. and scooter drivers must have either a valid driver's license or a scooterrpermit. that means anyone with a suspended or revoked drrver's license is breaking the law if they ride a scooter. the mayoo took aim at community accvists for criticizing lan to add parking ssaces inside patterson pprk. park.last week community lladers spoke out against the plan, wwich ould iiccease parring inside tte park tt accomodate a renovated senior center.but the mayor sa
.... killed in seperaae shhotinns in the city. tonight, the earch for the suspects. keith daniels, live in cherry hill where police say the victim was shht y a ider she picced up in the neighborhood... keith. keith. karen... we're live on reedbird avenue near....... tto women shot last night within hours of each othhr. poliie believe the woman found here.. may have wooked for a seeaa company. she told police someone she picked uu.. shot her... but iivestiiators don'' believe this was a random attack. they'rr not so sure about shooting. the other shooting. it happened in it happened in baltimore.... a 19-year-old woman shot in the head.was sitting in the a parked car onnsouth augustt avenue near south augusta a parked car on 3 fox 45 ews at 55hill, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 5. &pfox45 has teamed up withhthe mmst popular crime mapping websiteeon the internet activity in your neighborhooo. you can also get emailsswhen crime happens.sign up by going to our website... fox- baltimore dot com...and click on "spotcrime""in he "hot topics" section at the top of the screen
. the center was forced to shut down after a patient who recently died. keith daniels live at the center where health offfs officials say two other patients also developed serious infections. infections. we're live outside the monarch med spa on deerco road.... we spoke with a woman tonight at her randallstown home.. who liposuction rocedure monday.. the same day the deceassd woman had her procedure. the woman we talked o declined an on-cameea inttrview.. but tonight &pshe says.. she's now battling an infection... after her procedure at monarch. monarch. the maryland department of health and mental hygiene gave that order to close the center today... as aryland officials investigate the source of the infectionss which involve the same bacteria that causss strep throat. officials say the procedures in question, took place from mid-august o mid-september. tonight, health officials say, anyone who had a prooedure at monarch recently and is concerned about infection shoulddlook out for symptoms. symptoms. (dr. gregory) "symptoms at all.. symptoms like fever, symptoms like
classmates are rrmembering him tonight.. keith. keith. karen..... daniel borowy ((o-roar-ee) has gone through urgery.. and is recovering tonighh in critical, but stable ondition. he's described as an athhetic student.. but tonight.. of course.. he missed his school's first foottall game. game. the perry hall gators took on st. paul's crusaders tonight.. just four days after the shooting in the school's cafeteria..... it's tough. exciting grid iron play on the field.. while 17-year-old daniel, who has down syndrome, recooers from his injuries. doctors say he uffered a bruised ung and a fractured rib.. his muscles re damaged and there's a hole in hisschest. baltimore county police sayy 15-year--ld robert gladden shot daniel in the back with a shotgun in the school's cafeteriaamonday. tonight, at the game, studentt and parents say they're struggling to get things back to normal. ///////////////////sot////////// / (ms. setzer/parent) "i think it's greet. i think the kids need to get back to normal as mucc as possible. i know the kids were excited to come out tonight..
bus driver... let... him off... at the wrong . stop.keith daniels... live... in mount washington .../ with... word ...on how. ..the &pboy... was reunited... witt his parents.. keith. vo rollcue: from the boys home. sot rollcue: alerted the boys 3 father. father.alerted the boys fathhr. "iq: so i said.... oq: whats going on." 3 p3 baltimore's iron man... will soon be immortalized in bronze. the orioles... aree &punveiling a ripken statue honoring ripken tonight. you're looking live from camden yards where the ceremony has just begun. fans say the unveiling is happening at the perfect time. how are the roads looking tonig? ttnight?brandi proctor has our traffic edge report. report. mapbelair ffberwilkens 395 map 3 smartphones and cyber pecurity... hhw to protect your information from hackers. 3 and a police offfcer.. ii trouble for tasing a suspect. why.. what she was wearing... 3uthorities. hot water with --adblib weather tz-- the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigor
... breaa-ins ...are... happening... in... hooard county...../ keith daniels... live... at... county police headquarters .../ .../ wheee... invesigators say.... someone ...iss. kickiig in... get... inssde homes. 3 3 baltimore's... &p3 3 homes. 3 3 ballimmre's... geariig up .... for....... gearrng up ballimore's... baltimorr's... gearing up ..... for... a... month-long celebration... of the arts. arts. this morning,.../ p mayor stephanie aanounced... the rettrn ...of... "free fall baltimore.".../// thru--out... october, .../ the... ity's... offering... 300... freeeactivities aad - iicluding concerts... theater lectures and workshops. howware the roads looking tonig? tonight?brandi proctor has our traffic edge repprr. report. mappelairfiberwilkensmap395map a prisoner'ssfight 3&pa prisoner's fight for freedom. 3 phh his 60 day sentence became 6 months.... and how long it 3ook tt fix the mistakk. i mean it jjstthappened so fast" fast."amazing video of a ddg attack and a policeeofficer under investigatiin aater shooting two of the animals. the questiins the dog owne
mother... shot down ... party.../. party.../. keith daniels,... live... in... northeast baltimore...'/ ccught... in... the,.... crossfire.. / keith. keith. jeff..... we'rr live on the alameda at richnor avenue.. the shooting happened behind mee..... and tonight.. as police search for thh young mother's killer..............those who knew er say..... she was tte kind of woman.. you wantee to k. know. on the steps of kenwood high pchool in essex.. family members and classmates remember a loved one...... it's a cannle light vigil for 22-year-old lorelle amos... class president at thee school.. the four yyars she attended.. as part of class 2008. (monty/classmate) she was just a great person, always walking around with a big smile on her face, alwayy pust there to be a friend ffr somebody...." omeone ssot and killed he young mother at a saturray night labor daa house party in northeaat baltimore. police believe she was a random victim of violence.. cauuht in the crossfire between two groups of men who opened fire down the block
daniels live in glen burnie, where the suspect claims he's done nothing wrong. keith? 3 "iq: i cant believe... oq: ppove that you didnt do this." 3 3 he llst the democratic primary forcongress in maryland's first district.but dr. john laferla is now a ""rite-in" candidate. he's is a physiciin who livesin chestertown. democrats have formallyendorsed him...after democraticnominee wendy rosen withdrew from the race..he's accused of registering and now taking aim at republican incumbant aady harris. (laferla) "the trenddwith the tea party republicans are not really fair to the average person ii the united statts and it makes me mad and it makes me want to do something rather than just sit oo my duff" duff."laferla says he is pro-choice...and supportsthe affordable care act. 3 tte internal investigation into the purchase of pricey video phones by the mayor's office is coming to and end. end.the city's inspector general has been investgating controveesial acquistion of hundreds of thousand of dollars in phones and equipment bb the mayor's office of te
investigation into his death. death. keith daniels live in east baltimore where witnesses say he had a confrontation with contact keith.olice before he died.. ke- 3 jennifer..... we're live at.......... police hhve not identified the man.. name is anthony anderson.. he was 46. and tonight....questions over how he died. died. it happened after police responded to the intersec
... keith daniels... live... in... the neighborhood .../ where people.../ are... pushing... a... petition drive... tonight.. kei. keith. jeff..... presidentt of all the nnighborhood associations in the aaea.. are fighting against this proposal. they rallied tonight to launch p door-to-door signature drive. and we caught up with one couple who say they're standing with the opposition.. opposition.. phil and katie stetler are in patterson park twice a day.... walking their dog kami.......they say it's part of their passion for the park. but things could proposal from city health and entrance to the park at the bbltimore street and north luzerne avenue. thaa would lead to a new loop road.. casino building,,now used as an adult day care center, but would expand to include more senior services. and with that.. comes three additional parking include 96 parking spaces. p a bold, bad move, say critics. //////////////////////sot/////// //////////// 3 "studies show trees and green space increase lots of things that are really good in people and it makes neighborho
/ democats.../// keith daniels,... live... downtown.../ where... party observers... also... weigh in.. keith. keith. jeff...... democrats say their platform clearly supports and respects the role of faith in aaercian life..... still.. that deciiion to remove the reference to god from the platform.. was enough to get party observers taaking..... talking..... as rush hour traffic poves through downtown baltimore.. so does talk of god and democrats......(woman) "i'm more concernnd with the economy and i don't know, jobs.. health care reform..." ......reaction from people in baltiiorr.. to action taken in charlotte on the floor at the democratic national convention............where democrats took the worr "god" out of their platform.. a single reference.. referring of working people. it's a move that prompted criticism from the vice presidential candidate paullryan spoke out on "fox and friends"...(paul ryan) "wwll i think it's rather peculiar. it's not in keeping with our founding documents, our founding vision. but i guess yoo
,...'/ more traffic,..;./ and... more paving... in the park... park... keith daniels ... live... in the neighborhood .../ wwere... the... opposition gathered..// . keith?. jeff..... presidents of all the neighborhood associations in the area.. are fighting against this proposal. they rrllied tonight tt launch a door-to-door signature driie. and we caught up with one couple who say they're standing with the opposition. opposition. phil and katie ssetler are in patterson park twice a day.... walking their dog kami..............they say it's part of their passion for the park.(phil) "it's a safe place to bring the dog.. for kids to play.."........but things could change....(katie) "every little step is moving .........there's a proposal from city health and parks officials to, in their words, add "improvements" to accomodate a new senior center and renovated recreation center. the plan calls for a widended entrance to the park at baltimore street and north luzerne avenue. that would lead to a new loop road.. which would run to the park's casino building
's in the ra. race. keith daniels is streaming live tonight in mount washington where a few triathletes are speaking out.. keith. karen and jeff..... we're live outside of a popular store where many triaahletes come to get theii gear...... they were &phere tonight.. and they were talking about the armstrong event. and so are the organizers. /////////////////////pkg//////// //////// &p at the ulman cancer fund for young adults... time is ticking down to the charity's half full triathlon... a fundraising event set for next month in ellicott city. half full organizers say cyclist lance armstrong will participate. the tour de france champion, who's been banned events because of his alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs. (satola/race director) "the obvious enthusiasm has swelled in the community....." ...........ut critics in the sports community don't sharee that enthusiasm.... they've learned the half full as a usa triathlon-sanctioned race tt welcome armstrong. that means a loss of prestige, since results won't count toward national rankings. daniee good
caught in the crossfire of passing strangers. keith daniels has been following this story and says police need the public's help in fiding theekiller.. keith? keith? jennifer.... a traveling bullet struck outside the home...... a young mother and bbnk teller killed..... and tonight, the search is on for the one responsible for her death. death. lesha murray says it was puppose to be a fun.. family at her home on the alemeda at richnor avenue. but afttr thh arty.. things turned tragic..... someone shot and killed her nnece, larelle amos.. she wws 22.(ms. murray) "i could not haae asked for a better personnto be in my nephew's life.. cause she was it happened at about 2 o'clock early monday morning.. amos was shot while she was standing in the front yard with murray.... guests had gone. police say hey don't believe amos was the target. she ook a bullet meant for someone else. (murray) "we thoughhtthey were getting out ready to fight...." two cars had just passed by with two groups offmen inside. thee stopped down the block.." (keith) "they got out near cold pring
... let... him off... at the wrong . stop.keith daniels... live... in mount washington .../ with... word ...on how. ..the poy... was reunited... with his parents.. . keith. jeff..... we're live at the bonnie ridge apartments on smith avenue..... and tonight.. the parents of a 4-year-old little boy is calling one man who lives angel and words.. an hero. phillip jefferson is feeling great relief.. his 4-year-old son jaden is home safe.. after something went terribly wrong with the little boy's schoolbussride home....(mr. jefferson) "i ain't never been through nothing like that....." jaden is a pre-k baltimore county student at campfield elementary learning center..... someone at the school put jaden on the wrong bus wednesday..... he was supposed to be delivered to his day center less than a mile away from the school...... but instead, he was dropppd off at the bonnie ridge aaartments in mount washingtoo.. several miles away from his home. &p his parents say he walked around that neighborhood for about 45 minut
're calling a new conference tomorrow to discuss the incident. live in east baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 5-30. 3 two people gunned down in northeast baltimore and no arrests have been made. it's bloodshed that has neighbors on edge and pollticans calling for more police. police. here's the scene of the latest killing. this morning many people found their cars with bullets holes in them from where stray bullets had struck them. just last week a scientist was murdered less than two blocks away ggtting out of his car. residents in both blocks say the police department needs to do more to keep them safe. 12:51 :12 they don't walk up do nothing they just sometimes they come and they sit and watch the block buu this is very rare thht they do that 18 18a city councilman argues that police in the northeast manpower. ee specially - violence breaks out in towson... as the tigers celebrate homecoming weekend. six people were arrested near campus and one man was shot... and police say it's not students who are to blame. blame.saturday night, after the homecoming game... fraternity me
who had liposuction developed an infection and died. pied. keith daniels live at the center where health officials say three other patients also developed serious infections (dr. gregory) "symptoms at all.. symptoms like fever, symptoms like pain, symptoms like drainage from that site or redness at a particular surgicallsite. we want you to call your primary care provider and call your local health department." 3 3 3 local health department." provider and call your your primary care provider aad call your local health department." 33
to determine the exact cause of deaah. in east baltimore, keith daniels, fox 445news, late edition. baatimooe's... gets... an... earlyystart... on theejob. job.the... police epartment... tweeted... this photo... of... anthony battt... being... sworn in... today, .../ even... though ...he wasn't... scceduled to start... until thursday...///. the... deeartment... announced pesterday... commissioner... anthony barksdale... medical leave... indefiniteeyy..///.batts... was the ...maaor's pickk.. foo... police andd.. even though... he... signed the conttact, ...// he... confirmedd.. bb... city for next month. baltimore ccunty police continue theirsearch for suspects ....after a man is shot and the it happened early sundaa a huge crowd gathered ii towson.eight others were arrested for assault or disturbing the peace.some...trred to get into a parttat the reccer theater....which hadalready soll out. it was hosted by a the theater. (johnson) "we've had relatively few problems in that area for quite sometime, and we're very confident
after the shooting on camp. campus. keith daniels, live at shock trauma with an update on he injurrd student's condition.. while &phis classmates remember him tonight.. eith. keith. karen..... daniel borowy (bo-roar-ee) has gone through surgery.. and is recoverrng tonight in critical, but stable condition. hees described as an athlltic student.. but tonight.. of course.. he missed his school's first football game. /////////////////////pkg//////// ////// perry hall high school.. the gators against st. paul's crusaders...... perry hallls first game of the year.. four days after shooting at the school. students and parents now.. struggling to things back to ormal....(ms. setzer/parent) "i think it's great. i think the kids need to get back to normal as much as possible. i know the kids were excited to come oot tonight.. show the unity and show their support for the school."(sabrina/student) "i knowweveryone is still hurt inside, but everyone is pettiig through it.. we're all coming together, it's awesome." it's tough. exciting grid iron play on the field.. while a
custody. custody. keith daniels, liie in eaat baltimore where ttey suspect is another case of police brutality.. keith. keith. jeff and jennifer..... tte with balloons on the spot ss...- where they say a pooice officer confrontee anthony anderson..he was 46. they say that confrontation may have cost andeeson his life..... and the community was back here lift their vooces against the policce police. at least a hundrrd &ppeople, including family and friends and several community activiit groups rallied at the corner oofnortt montford and east biddle streets. protesters are calling or the indictmmnt of the officer whooconfronted anderson. witnesses, including &panderson's mmther, say neighborhood friday, visiting who mother.. when the officer, -
suspects. keith daniels, live in cherry hill wheee policeefound one of the victims.. keith. keithh karen..... we're live on eedbird avenue near seamon avenue...... police say the victim here.. was shot byya rider she picked uu in the neighborhood.. ......she's one of two women killed.. within hours of eacc o. other..- in cherry hill, police finddan avenue... shot at east onne in tte upper bodd. there's no sign of detectives on the block now,,the sceneeiss cllar... but police are investiggting. petectives say the unidenttfied woman may have worked for a sedan company. before sheedied, she told police someone she picked up.. shotther. but investigators don'' believe, this was a random attack. (ááánats up full: "i'm not ssocked by it....ááá) ........disgusted reaction.. when word spreads in herry hill about the woman shot there.. and the other woman &pshot in southwest baltimore. two women, ssot and kiiled in seperate incidents last night within hours of ach pther.(ms. howard) "and it's a shame that i'm noo shocked. want to be shocked and want to be appauued by
severe infections. and tonight authorities say.. one of the patients died. died. keith daniels live at the center where we're learning more about the person who died. keith. keith. jennifer...... we're live outside the monarch med spa on deerco road.... we spoke with a woman tonight at her randallstown home.. who says she was here for a liposuction procedure monday.. the same day the deceasee woman had her procedure. the woman we on-camera interview.. but tonight she says.. she's now battling an infeccionn.. after her procedure at monarch. mmnarch. the maryland department of health and mental hygiene gave ttat order to close the and baltimore county health d source of the infections, - which involveethe same bacteria that causes strep throat. officials say the procedures in question, took place from mid-august to mid-september. tonight, health officials say, anyone who had a procedure at monarch recently and is concerned about infeccion should look out for symptoms. symptoms. pdr. gregory) "symptoms at all.. symptoms like fever, symptoms like pain, symp
. dangerous. keith daniels, live in north baltimore where the struggle is on tonight.. to find people for the pets... keith. keith. jennifer..... we're live outside the maryland spca....... it's a privaae, non-profit organization dedicated to humane care and adoption services for homeless animals...............and tonight, they say..pit bulls need the group's help. help. they are ogs with a bad reputation.. pit bulls... annmals recently branded by a marrland court ruling thht calls the pure bred dogs "inherently dangerous.." the ruling also makes not only dog ownees but prooerty owners now liable for pit bull related incidents......(mr. prake/spca) "it's causing people to choose between giving up their pets or giving up their homes.."'s a move that has shelters, including the maryland spca, handling more unwanted pets. david drake says, since the ruling, they've received several phone calls from concerned ppt owners.. and a number of returns.. pit bulls dropped off, left to find new homes.......animals, unjustly &plabeled, says drake, bbcause of a court ruling.(drake) "no,
today. keith daniels, &pstreammng ii the newsroom wit her staaement.... stttement.... and what experts say about the power of the internett. keith. keith. p jennnfer..... mmody is an employye at the johns opkins medicaa school since her controversial tweett after sunday night's game.... her boss wiih tweets and ooed - emaiis calling for her to be piree... well 3 it reads in part..... "i profounnly regret my completely inappropriaae &ppomment.. and i deeply lament caused.n it cauued. &p all f this started wwt moody's tweet soon after the ravens beat the atriotss suudayy... she said.. "hey smith, how about you call your brother and tell him about your win.. ohhh, wait, too soon?" ray rice even got into the game.. coming to hope you knnw the word karma." - went spreading across thee country. and tonight, one on-line expert says it's anooher example that shows the power and viral nature of the internet... and the need for what he calls.. social media (mr. white) "i maybb, i have a heightened sense of awareness of this thing, ut it does come to me a
burnie man accused of threatening a mass shhoting at a state office. office..... keith daniels ... live... in... glen burnie,.../ with a story you are seeing first on fox.. 3 jeff and jennifer..... his name is james armstead..... we're live outside of his home at the glen mar apartments on glen highwayy.... police stormed his building behind me...and tonight, armstead says they did it.. based on nothing more than a rumor. rumor. james armstead says he's the only victim in this case.. the target of a he-says, she-says circumstance.... that's costing him......(armsteadd "they can just get up and say anything.. thenni got to get a lawyer, $6500, i got to turn around anddmake bond, $100,000.".......armstead is charged with telephone misuse state official. anne arundel county police ay he made a hone ccll last month to the child support office in annapolis.. where calls are kill an employee and himself.. a "batman-style shooting," they say, reminiscent of colorado's movie massacre. armstead, out on a bond now, admits he was angry that day.. ......but......(ar
in east baltimore, keith daniels, fox in... southwwst ooting... - baltimorr.../ has... ...early this morning... near... potter street ...and... yale avenue..../// officiils... sayy.. a robbery suspect... aad ooficer... got... into a ... fight... / the... suspect ...than... officer.../ a... then... shot at least ooe round.../ hitting the suspecc. there ...were... o &pinjuries... to the officers involvvd..../. this... city... this year.../ 8...3 oo them... were fatal. we now know the name offthe mannkilled... in a... policee involved shooting... in dundalk ...a cop... and his partner... are leave...///.police... responded... to a call... from neighbors... about... some... policee.. got they... questioned... one mann..///. that's...x when... pplice say ... he... lunged for the officer's gun../. and... the partner... opened fire...22 yeaa old...//jossua lopez...//of la-maaquu, fox45.... teamm... átheá... most popular ...crime mapping website... on-line.../// "spotcrime"... trackss... nnighborhood....//lso... get... e-mails...
, including a toxicology report, to determine deeth. live in east baltimore, keith daniels, fox p5 news at ten. two people are gunned down in northeast baltimore in less than a weee...and neighbors are on edge and want more prot. protectioo.this was the ssene of the latest killing in chesteefield.policeesay ittmay have been he result of a drug deal.several cars wwre struck byystray bullets.just last week, a scientist was murdered residents say the police department needs to doomore... but one looal politician says... here just aren't northeast district.cover the - 12:51 :12 they don't walk uu and down the street they don't they come and they sit and mes watch the block but this s very rare that they do that 18 1812:06::0 you can not put this on the police especially the northeast district the northeast district needs more resourcess so far no arrests have been amy bishop... the former university of aaabama- huntsville professor accused of shoooing six people has been ssntenced to life in prison without parole. parole.she pleaded guilty to charggs after opening fiie at aafaculty m
. [applause] keith emson, robert spencer, daniel pipe. these are all people doing heroic work on the subject. it is true that the muslim brotherhood and other islam i guesses have made very serious inroad to the government and in to our society. remember, there are can a couple of different forms of jihad. we think of the obvious one and the e jernt one it's al qaeda, hezbollah, but to me the more serious threat is the the longer strange threat of what robert spencer calls the self-jihad. that's the muslim brotherhood and other organizations that get in under the radar and through dem gracious, they get in and demand more and more rights. they start amounterring the constitution, the laws, very fabric of your society. they've done it to create a effective in western europe. i don't know if any of you have been recently to weern europe, great britain, germany, france, it doesn't -- it looks like what they call [inaudible] it no longer looking like western europe. the solve earn country between the e.u. and the influx of the muslim population they don't look like sovereign countries anymore. t
'brien. scott o'brien. timothy o'brien. daniel callahan. dennis o'connor, jr.. keith o'connor. is still up hall. james a. andrew o'grady
. keith in tennessee, please. >> caller: boo-yah from tennessee, halfway between jack daniels and george dikel. >> that's where i want to be. >> caller: thanks for helping me make money. >> you're welcome. >> caller: i love the chapters on options in getting back to even. >> deep in the money calls are a good way to do replacement of stocks here. what's up? >> caller: just retired early at 52. i'm looking at investments for my investment and 401(k) payout. i hear pepsi and the nfl are working on something. with pepsico owning lay's, gatorade, doritos and the nfl season opening even with the p.e.g. ratio is it tile to buy? >> don't buy pep because of the tie in with the nfl though we talked about out yesterday on squawk bost bochblgts i want you on pepsi. the numbers will go higher. that's good reason to buy some right here and let the rest come in. kick it to the curb. man u., it is cool as all get out. so go buy a great-looking jersey. just don't buy the stock. "mad money" is back after the break. my volt is the best vehicle i've ever driven. i bought the car because of its efficiency.
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